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No matter what your hormonal imbalance is, food is a powerful resource that heals you from the inside out. Learn about my exact approach to healing my PCOS, restoring my periods, and restoring ovulation that eventually led me to conceive naturally. I also include my top 3 tips to getting started on your hormone healing journey!

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Why there is such an epidemic of hormonal imbalances among women, why that number is increasing, and why the allopathic options do not actually address the root cause of our imbalances, but rather suppress symptoms and keep us stuck


The exact approach I used to heal my PCOS, restore my menstrual cycle, experience pain-free, asymptomatic periods, restore ovulation, increase my energy & sex drive, and conceive naturally!

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I offer you my top 3 tips for getting started on healing your hormonal imbalances today! You will become empowered to reclaim your health, inspired to be your own best health care advocate, and uncover a deep trust in your body's innate ability to heal!

The Hallmark Of A Healthy Woman Is A Healthy Period

It's not just about bleeding and making babies. It's about the elegant dance your hormones do throughout the month and the impact they have on every single aspect of your health. Everything in the body is connected. This is why healing your menstrual cycle is necessary for optimal, vibrant, wildly abundant health, throughout your reproductive years and beyond!

When we approach healing from a truly holistic perspective, the benefits transcend the physical body and create opportunity for spiritual& energetic healing.

Building strength in the body lights the path for healing the unconscious & emotional patterns that contribute to dis-ease and discomfort in our monthly cycles.

Our approach to hormonal healing is through the power of healing food, full body/mind/spiritual nourishment, sustainable lifestyle practices, non-negotiable self care, radical self love, fun, curiosity, pleasure, play, and connecting to the menstrual cycle magic & feminine wisdom within.


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