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My name is Emily Anne Woodward, and I am a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Registered Nurse of 13 years, an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, and a Function Nutrition Practitioner.

I have had such a crazy amazing journey in the healing professions, and if you had told me 13 years ago when I started all of this that I would be where I am today, I would have laughed and thought YOU were the crazy one!




I have always had a passion for healing, and I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a nurse.

I was completely in love with biology, science, and the human body and I totally loved people. How amazing, to combine things that I was good at AND things that I loved and had a natural talent for! It was the perfect job match :)

I took a (ginormous) leap of faith and applied for my first nursing job at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. I was lucky enough to land a job in one of their ICUs, and while this may sound crazy to many of you, I was completely and utterly in love (read: totallllllyyyyy obsessed) with every.single.amazing.wonderful.thing I was learning about!

I was honestly that nurse who would get super excited about hanging IV fluids.

Or giving a patient a real live bed bath (this was before the days of those damn CHG wipes!).

Or changing a central line dressing.

And silly things like labeling my tubing (I know there are other RNs out there who feel me on this!!)

And tbh...I didn't even really mind doing the dirty nursing work and dealing with all the things that come along with being a nurse in the ICU. It was all so wonderful. I adored every single day of work.

It barely felt like work, because I was so in love with it all. I would often tell patients and families that I would do this work for free because I just adored it so much.


I left Hopkins in 2013 and decided to try my hand at travel nursing. Eventually my travels led me to beautiful southern California where my life changed in two very profound ways:::

First and foremost— I met the most amazing and wonderful human on the planet, my Boo, who is now my husband, the man who changed the entire course of my life and is the single most incredible human being on the planet.

And secondly — I started meeting people in the holistic health and wellness space that ... knew things ...

That knew these unbelievable things about healing , like REAL actual healing, that I was shocked and amazed and admittedly a bit flabbergasted to learn about for the first time.

Things like the real, timeless power of food.

And the gut microbiome.

And the importance of optimal gut health.

And coffee enemas.

And the power of the sunlight.

And ways to eat that provide you the most maximal nutritional benefit.

And the importance of minerals.

And the truth about non-native EMFs.

And things like iron overload.

And things like systemic enzyme therapy.

And herbs for healing.

And how crucial it is to have a specific, catered supplementation plan in place.

And how regeneration of the human body and the reversal of disease is absolutely possible...

Y'all. I was witnessing people healing their chronic diseases naturally through food and lifestyle alone, without the use of pharmaceuticals.

My mind was completely blown.

And I was the nurse!

I thought I knew what healing was all about! I thought I knew how to take care of people and get them back to optimal wellness.

Then I started to ... see things differently, through this new lens of possibility and empowerment through food and lifestyle that had been missing from my knowledge base all these years.

Having worked on the front lines of multiple intensive care units coast to coast, I started seeing that despite advancements made everyday in the medical field, year over year I realized that people weren't really getting healthier.

They were getting much, much sicker.

After uncovering all of this juicy and life changing information, things became very clear:




Fast forward to 2015 -- I became certified by The International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy as a colon hydrotherapist and had the honor of working with the wonderful Jeanne Martin at Waters of Life Cleansing and Renewal in Costa Mesa, California.

She is an amazing colon therapist with so much knowledge and wisdom! My days working for her were some of the most formative and transformational of my life!

If you’re ever in the area, please schedule yourself a colonic with Jeanne and tell her Emily sent you :)

We moved to Denver, Colorado in 2017, and I found myself extremely unfulfilled in my nursing job. I was growing more and more uncomfortable in the hospital setting. I felt stifled and stuck, angry and heartbroken most of the time.

Patients still weren't healing, people were continuing to get sicker, and the patients seemed to be getting younger and younger.

I felt so stuck, so disconnected, and increasingly more frustrated with the allopathic paradigm.

I started to experience anxiety for the first time in my life, sort of like that feeling that there's a vice around your chest? That's anxiety right? Lol.

I could not get excited to go to work. And for anyone who knows me, I'm pretty much the most excited person in the entire world about literally everything, so this was a huge shift in the absolutely wrong direction. I am someone who absolutely must feel connected to, excited about, and deeply passionate for what she is doing, otherwise I just cannot. I JUST CAN'T OKAY. Lol.

One night while on call, I was so down and out about my current situation and how sad and unfulfilled I had become in my nursing life, so I googled "health coach".

This simple google search brought me the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I knew IMMEDIATELY that I had to become a student there.

Have you ever felt that fluttery, excited, sweaty feeling in your whole body when you know you are about to make the exact right decision?

And even though it's a little crazy, you have no time for it, and you definitely don't have the extra money for it, but you know you need to do it anyway? Welp that is exactly how I felt.








And now I'm a health coach.

Now I help people live happier, healthier, more more abundant and balanced lives through food, lifestyle, self-care, self love, and living in alignment with their true purpose.


In September 2021, I walked out of the hospital as an RN for the last time.

I will always be a nurse.

I will always draw from my nursing career and experiences.

And I will always hold space in my heart with love, compassion, and unconditional acceptance for every single human being who trusts me with their care.

No longer working within the confines of the hospital now allows me to do my SOUL work: health coaching, nutrition, educating, creating, consulting, and lifting people up to be their best selves.

Every step and misstep was in the direction of this magical place I am in right now. I am so lucky to spend my days doing what I love and helping people realize their true wellness potential!

When I'm not health coaching or creating, you can find me:

--> Cooking, reading probably 4 different books at the same time, yoga-ing, meditating, sunning, taking baths, probably watching Titanic for the 47,000th time, walking barefoot around my neighborhood, listening to my girl TSwift, hiking or skiing somewhere in the beautiful Sierras, journaling like a madwoman, traveling back to IL to be with my wonderful family, or adventuring with that wonderful man who changed my life in the best ways possible, and makes every moment of my life amazing :)


Thank you for being here with me today! I'm honored you stopped by!




Having been in the nursing world for over 11 years, I have a solid knowledge base of the human body and many pathologies. My nursing career has provided an incredible foundation to maximize my expertise in how to support the whole person, body mind and spirit. This is also crucial because nursing has given me a thorough understanding of more challenging client situations, therefore I am able to refer them to appropriate clinicians who are more apt to help with their issues if things are out of my scope. Having worked directly with many physicians in my decade of nursing, I also love partnering with physicians in my health coaching practice to help provide my clients with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to their health. My nursing background allows me to recognize when the skills of a physician are more appropriate for the client. I have found that physicians trust my assessment skills and discernment.



I feel very deeply for the people I care for. I'm the person who will rejoice in your triumphs and cry with you when you are hurt. Nursing has given me thousands of opportunities to simply "be" with people, in their vulnerabilities and their successes, in literal life and death. This translates to my health coaching practice because I'm not afraid to let emotions come about or be part of the beautiful process that is health coaching -- self discovery, challenging meaningful work, and lasting transformation.



I'm friendly, approachable, likeable, and genuine. I have an ability to connect with many different people in many different ways, and I do that by listening, creating space for people to be their true selves, and also in sharing my true self in the process. I am in it with the client, providing love and support and guidance from a non-judgmental place. I don’t care how cheesy this sounds, but with me you not only get a health coach, but you get a true dear friend.



Sometimes I feel like another word for passionate is "crazy" haha... and call me crazy but everything I've ever been truly passionate about, I've given my whole heart to: nursing, health coaching, colon therapy, nutrition, self care, self discovery, balance, learning. I am the person who doesn't just get excited about things, but I become full on crazy excited about them like a kid on Christmas! And I know that this passion translates to my health coaching practice and to my clients. That's how I always knew that THIS is the work I was put on this planet to do -- because I get all fluttery and sweaty and excited in a way that feels like I have no words for! My heart is my guide, and that is what I give to the people I work with: my whole heart.


  • Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from the University of Missouri 2009

  • CCRN Certification through the American Association of Critical Care Nurses 2012

  • International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy Certified Colon Hydrotherapist (Intermediate Level) 2016

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition® graduate January 2019

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Your skin will glow, your cycle will align, your bowels will be happy and your smile will be brighter when you are abundantly well.

— Meg M.

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