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Food Made Simple

Apr 28, 2021

 Eating healthy can be quite overwhelming nowadays with all the hip diets and all that info out there.

“Go Keto!”

“Paleo FTW!”

“Pegan over Vegan!”

“Carbs are the devil!”

“Fat makes you fat!” (ahem, no it doesn’t!)

“Plant based ONLY.”

“Intermittent fasting is amazing for everyone!” (not everyone…)

“Lacto-ovo-vegetarian but like every other Monday and twice next weekend…” ?!?!

Ugh! I’m exhausted just reliving all that.

The truth is, we are all bio-individuals. Meaning we all have our own unique set of needs, wants, tastes, palates, and chemical make-ups.

This is why I don’t believe in a magic bullet approach. What works well for one person may be the worst thing ever for another. Not saying that there aren’t people out there who haven’t experienced enormous benefits from the aforementioned diets. This happens all the time, and its truly an amazing thing when you find something you vibe with.

I’m a believer in doing what is sustainable. FOR YOU. And not doing something simply because your neighbor or your mom or your colleague did it. That being said, I’m all about experimenting with food, diets, habits, and seeing what fits well for me! I take what I need and I leave the rest.

We’re all going to do what we’re going to do. So why not make things as simple as possible in order to reap the most benefits as possible?!

Simplify. Complicated is sooo 2020. I need things as simple and effortless as possible these days. HBU?


Tips For A Healthy Diet


This means organic produce, and clean animal products from trusted sources that ensure their meat is grass fed, pasture raised, and WITHOUT antibiotics and other crap. I’m going to take it a step further and say that anything processed in a plant somewhere and turned from one thing into another, is not clean. Think apples, not applesauce.



Eat a diverse range of seasonal fruits and veggies! Mix it up with color, shape, size, type, varietal, etc. Each trip to the grocery store, make a pact that you’ll get something new this time. Your palate, as well as your gut microbes, love it when you keep things interesting!



Limit your intake of gluten products like wheat pasta, bread, and anything that has wheat flour. Gluten is highly inflammatory for every single person out there, not just celiacs or gluten sensitive folk. It does NOT contribute to a healthy gut. Just Say No.



High fructose corn syrup has zero place in a healthy diet. Just say no. Sugar is the real culprit when it comes to exacerbating inflammatory conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and weight gain. Large quantities of refined sugar consumed without their balanced counterparts, protein & fats, are NEVER healthy. Naturally occurring sugars are great for the body, the hormones and the nervous system (think fruits, roots, maple syrup, raw honey, etc), just make sure to enjoy them with a protein and a fat for stable blood sugar. Remember that most processed foods contain added sugar. Read your labels, and limit your consumption of packaged, processed foods.


You don’t have to obsess over macros. You can if you want, but that can be a time suck, a mind fuck, and can often do more harm than good. Just keep it simple. Eat as close to the source as possible, limit your consumption of refined foods, and eat a beautiful array of fruits and veggies. 

People who follow this way of eating generally do quite well and they feel wonderful too!

Listen to your body and remember to keep food fun!

How do you simplify your diet?

Tell me in the comments!


(this is not medical advice) 



Emily 😊

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