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9 Signs You Are A Vital, Healthy Woman

energy libido menstrual cycle metabolism period pms skin stress Dec 11, 2021

Isn't it just so amazing that we live in a physical form that is always communicating its messages to us regarding the state of our health?!

I'm never NOT blown away by the complexities, intricacies, and elegant wisdom of our bodies.

When I started really appreciating my body, everything that it does for me, and how effortlessly and beautifully it does all the things its supposed to do, I walked around looking like that emoji with it's brain exploding. And I still do to some degree, haha!

We receive messages on the daily, on how vital and healthy we are.

And there are some hallmark signs that everything's groovy and you're cruising along beautifully.


Signs of a Healthy Woman


Good Energy Levels

Stable and steady energy levels throughout the day reveal a body that is utilizing and expending energy properly. When we are adequately rested and have appropriate cortisol surges throughout the day, we feel energized, awake and alert in the morning and afternoon. Then we experience a gradual decline in energy as our days wind down. We should not need caffeine or stimulants to feel stable & energized.


Easy Periods

Healthy periods are not painful. And nope! PMS is NOT an inevitable part of being born a female. A healthy balance of estrogen in relation to progesterone determines how pain-FREE or pain-FULL your period will be. Supporting your body all month long helps to ensure you will have an asymptomatic and minimally uncomfortable, easy, sleepy, restorative, and relaxing period.



Being hungry is a good thing!! This is a basic physiological function with an extremely important purpose: to tell us that we need to fuel our bodies again. Our bodies use food and nutrients for fuel, and without fuel, our bodies simply will not run efficiently. Gentle, impending hunger (not jittery hangriness reminiscent of a blood sugar crash) is a sign of a healthy metabolism, without which you cannot live in your healthiest expression.



Meowww! A juicy libido is a direct reflection of our body's access to energy. When we have optimal hormone balance through high quality nutrition, our levels of estrogen, testosterone, & progesterone are in the right balance throughout the whole month, paving the way for a robust, strong, and steady desire for sex and intimacy. A strong libido is literally your body's barometer for whether or not it's "safe" to conceive and has the energy reserves necessary to create new life. And this is true even if you're not pursing pregnancy. Biologically, mid-cycle when we are most fertile, our craving for reproduction is evolutionary in nature. We are hornier mid-cycle because theoretically this is when we CAN get pregnant. And yes, having a strong libido even into your luteal phase (and maybe even your menstrual phase!) is a thing.



A generally happy and content disposition is an indicator that everything is par for the course in your body. We aren't worrying too much. We aren't fretting all the time. We aren't in a state of constant doom and gloom. Situational sadness is, of course, an important expression of certain circumstances, but when we are constantly in a state of sadness, depression or unrelenting apathy, this is a sign that something needs your attention.


Sleeps Well

7-9 hours of uninterrupted, deeply restful sleep, where we wake up feeling rested and ready for the day is a great indicator that your daily habits, nutrition, adrenal and liver health are cruising along just fine. This also means that you are in the parasympathetic, or "rest & digest" state, which is where we need to be in order to obtain restorative, rejuvenating sleep (and also ... to rest and digest!). Limiting blue light, avoiding stimulants late in the day, and getting into bed by 10pm help ensure great sleep!


Warm Extremities

Our temperature and the warmth of our extremities are all indicators of the state of our metabolism. And the metabolism is intimately connected to the thyroid. The thyroid also governs the health of our adrenals, our ovaries, and our sex hormones. Oh, and also, every single cell needs thyroid hormone to function optimally. 

Signs of a sluggish thyroid include cold hands and feet, constipation, low basal body temperature, dry skin, hair loss, fatigue, irregular ovulation, & infertility.


Handles Stress Well

When we are in a state of stress, our body has this brilliant, built-in mechanism to raise cortisol, shunt blood toward our large muscles, dilate our pupils to bring in more light, and usher energy and resources away from our less vital functions (like menstruation & reproduction). Women who don't handle stress well often miss periods, have painful/symptomatic periods, experience anovulatory cycles, have labile moods, have worsened PMS, sleep poorly, & experience blood sugar instability.


Healthy Skin 

A healthy, vibrant, glowy, acne-free, even complexion is a sign that things on the inside are functioning well. Your skin is the largest detoxification organ in your body, and often what is showing up on the outside, in the form of acne or skin irritations, are indicators that something is amiss on the inside. Cyclical hormonal changes are normal, but remember it's all about a healthy balance between those hormones. Angry skin points to inflammation and a possibility that your toxic load is high.


What does it mean if some of these things are off?

This could mean that you need some support around specific areas.

Your hormones may be struggling. Your dietary choices may be negatively affecting you. You may have some adrenal dysfunction going on. Your metabolic health may be suboptimal.

Our diet and lifestyle have massive implications for how good (or how bad!) we feel day to day. And sometimes, all we need is a little support and guidance to help us get to where we want to be.

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So tell me... after reading this post, are YOU a vital, healthy woman? Tell me below!


Yours In Abundant Health!


Emily 😊

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