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Easy Snack Ideas

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Incorporating a nutrient dense snack between our regular meals is a great way to ensure we are getting optimal fuel throughout the day to meet the demands of our busy days and lives!


Having food coming in on a regular basis throughout the day sends safety signals to our body that helps tamp down the effects of stress hormones, keeps our blood sugar balanced, and provides valuable micronutrients that our body absolutely needs to carry out all of its many metabolic processes to keep us alive and thriving.


Many women are living very busy lives that require a lot of energy (read: fuel!) to do all the things in a given day, but so many of us fall short of actually nourishing to meet our body’s needs!


Jobs, school, partners, babies, businesses, bills, working out, keeping our homes, getting enough sleep, vacation, that side hustle, planning things, etc etc etc --


These all require energy! And we must answer the call if we want our bodies and brains to perform to the best of their abilities.


Not eating enough throughout our day is actually a stressor in and of itself! And this is because the demands of the body exceed the amount of energy you have available to carry them out.


Want to create less stress on the body?


Eat More Food!


In addition to your regular breakfast / lunch / dinner, consider adding in a midmorning snack and/or a midafternoon snack to give your body more of the good stuff that keeps you healthy and thriving.


Remember our fundamentals:::


Incorporate a protein, a fat, and a carbohydrate together at every meal and snack to ensure optimal balance of macronutrients and to maintain stable blood sugar.


For example – don’t JUST have the apple. Have your apple with some parmesan cheese slices or a half cup of cottage cheese. This checks all your boxes and is a lovely, balanced snack.


Easy Snack Ideas


Beef jerky + a piece of ripe fruit + string cheese

Hard boiled eggs + ripe fruit

Deviled eggs + ripe or dried fruit

Parmesan cheese slices with a drizzle of raw honey drizzled on top

Cottage cheese with apple slices

Beef jerky + dates stuffed with butter and salt

Beef jerky + orange juice or a piece of ripe fruit

Slices of ham or turkey with berries

Slice of turkey and cheese roll ups with fruit or dried fruit

Smoked oysters with sourdough crackers + ripe or dried fruit

Smoked oysters with pork rinds + ripe fruit

Kipper snacks + crackers + dried fruit or orange juice

Gelatin gummies + cottage cheese

Salami slices + cottage cheese + ripe fruit

Protein shake with fruit of choice, raw milk, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, and protein powder

Full fat Greek yogurt with berries, maple syrup and bee pollen


These are just a jumping off point to get you thinking of your own ideas. Get creative and have fun with it!


A big barrier for a lot of clients I see is actually having easy to grab snacks on hand. And we have all been there – we are definitely hungry and NEED fuel, but there’s nothing in the fridge or the cupboard that’s easy.


Make your life easier by having some of these super easy snacks on hand to grab when you need some fuel. Your body, your hormones, your metabolism, and your body’s overall stress will thank you later, I promise!


Tell me below – what are some of your favorite snacks?


Yours In Abundant Health & Love!


Emily 😊

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