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Eating for Ovarian Health

fertility food is medicine micronutrients nutrient dense foods ovulation Apr 23, 2024

I like using visuals for how we eat, fuel and nourish our bodies, because when we put that added intention there, I really believe there is an extra little something that goes into healing whatever it is we want to heal!


For example, when I’m pregnant and I think about eating for my baby, I literally imagine the baby in my belly tasting and savoring and enjoying the beautiful foods going in my belly.


I picture it with a big happy smile on its face, I picture it smacking its lips, salivating at the thought of enjoying what mama’s enjoying, I envision it going into a cute little baby food coma afterwards, I picture it licking its little fingertips and thinking “mm mm good”.


I don’t even care if I sound like a nut – I LOVE these powers of visualization! :) :) :) 


What does it even mean to “eat for ovarian health”? Good question, I’m so glad you asked!


Eating for ovarian health, to me, means to eat in such a way where your ovaries have EVERYTHING they need to be their healthiest, most vital, most vibrant, most reproductively robust, and most metabolically healthy – in order to produce the healthiest possible egg that will become your future baby boo.


What does an ovary even need to be optimally healthy?


Well, ovaries need what virtually every other organ, tissue, and cell needs to thrive and be healthy :::



Eggs, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, shrimp, cod, salmon, sardines, bone broth, all dairy, collagen, gelatin



Butter, ghee, tallow, duck fat, fatty fish, coconut oil, eggs, good olive oil



Dairy, fruit, fruit juice, root veggies, well-cooked veggies, properly prepared grains like rice and oats if you tolerate them, honey, maple syrup, properly prepared beans and lentils if you tolerate them



Sea salt, herbal teas like red raspberry leaf, red clover, nettles, hibiscus, rose hips and oatstraw, beef liver, raw milk, pearl powder, acerola berry, camu camu, adrenal cocktails, trace minerals, coconut water, oxymels



Yes, it really is as simple as that!


Nourish your body in the healthy balanced way you’ve been learning about from being here with me all this time (😊), with proteins / fats / carbs at every meal, throw in some antioxidant rich fruits like berries, organic cacao, seasonal fruits and veggies, and functional foods like baobab, acerola berry powder, and camu camu, and Wa-La!


You have everything your ovaries need to produce the healthiest possible egg. Your follicles will literally be bathing in a nutritionally dense soup of powerful macro and micronutrients that support every phase of the growth and development cycle.


I am even going to challenge you to take it a step further and picture your meals as food for your ovaries. Think about it during your prep, your arranging of the food on the plate, and visualizing it as you take in each bite.


Remember it is the INTENTION that can take it from simply being a plate of food to a super charged healing cornucopia of nutrition and nourishment and literal healing medicine for your ovaries.


Intention changes everything! I encourage you to try this and see how this impacts you.


It may be subtle, it may be unnoticeable, it may be profound.


Don’t be so fixated on the result, rather trust in the knowing that you’re being intentional about healing your body, healing your ovaries, healing your fertility, and reap the many benefits that extend even further than the ovaries – the increased joy, the increased nourishment, the freedom in knowing you’re making the best possible choices for your body.


Tell me below – what are your favorite ways to “eat for your ovaries” ?


Yours In Abundant Health & Love


Emily 😊

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