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Getting Back on Track After the Holiday Fun!

Jan 07, 2019

Hey Lovelies!!

Who here is feeling the feels of an awesome holiday spent with amazing family and friends?

I definitely am....... read:::


Lots of rich food

Wine basically every night

Not a lot of physical activity.


Getting back on track after the holidays can feel like an uphill climb, but all you really need is a grocery list, a planner, some fresh air, and a desire to want to feel good and not hungover slash food coma-ed anymore… #thestruggleisreal


Now that we are home and not traveling for awhile, we are definitely back on the leafy greens/whole foods/whole grains/smoothies/mostly vegetarian train again.

As much as I love traveling and seeing family and friends, I must say I am totally in love with being at home, in my own kitchen doing my normal routine.

And part of that routine is cooking up sexy food to enjoy with my Boo.  Last night was Red Lentil Soup… one of our faves and an easy go to with less than 10 ingredients… made from scratch… anything that is healthy, hearty, leaves me satisfied, and is super simple?  Um, yes, more of that please!


A couple other home-cooked meals we’ve whipped up this past week have been:::


Supercharged smoothies

Turkey Cannellini Bean Salad

Cabbage and Root Veggie Buddha Bowl

Chickpea Sweet Potatoes with Basmati Rice. 


(Let me know in the comments if you’d like these recipes!)


Boo and I usually participate in Dry January … ie: no booze until February.  This year we are going to remain flexible with this tradition and mayyyyyybe enjoy some imbibing on our ski trip to Beaver Creek next weekend…so not exactly full on Dry January, but hey, nobody is perfect. 


I find that my body wants a break, especially after a time of indulgence like the holidays.  I’m a huge proponent of listening to your body and what it needs.


For some, going a whole month with no alcohol can feel too extreme, and others may like the challenge of no booze for a month.


I find that I’m listening to my body more as I get older, and I will honor it’s wants and needs rather than restricting myself just because of some self-imposed made up law. 


Lately, wine has not sounded yummy.  Maybe next weekend in Beaver Creek it still won’t.  But I’m okay with being patient with myself and doing what feels right in the moment. 


January is also a big month for people to get back into their fitness/exercise routine. 


Has anybody else had to wait in line for the treadmill these last few days?  What an awesome thing – all these people getting back into it after the holidays!  Instead of sticking to a strict regimen, I’m just holding myself to 3x/week, moving my body and breaking a sweat.  Coming from the gal who prior to January 1 was literally working out once every never, this feels like a good place to start! 


I think my favorite part of the New Year is turning over a new leaf.  It almost seems like no matter where you are in your life on December 31, it all gets washed away and you’re ready to start anew on January 1.  Does anyone else feel like that? 


It’s cliché, the whole New Year New You thing, but I kind of like the collective feeling of everyone is starting over in a way.  Like I’m not alone in my desire to Begin Again (any other TSwift fans out there?  Shameless plug but I had to!!)

I have started writing down my daily goals each morning (life hack — putting it in my Google calendar actually keeps me accountable and omg — you’ll never believe this — I’m ACTUALLY DOING THE THINGS ON MY LIST!!! see—> growth!!)


I’m making a conscious effort to get into my journal this year, and I’m putting my intentions where I can see them and look at them every day.  So far it’s been 7 days of this, and maybe I’m crazy (maybe? … no, definitely hah!) but I feel more productive already. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so maybe on January 21 I’ll have some groundbreaking excitement to share on this whole New Emily thing ;) 


How are you getting back on track after the holidays?  Are you surprising yourself?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! 


Have an amazing week, everyone! 


Abundantly Yours,

Emily :)

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