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Grounding + Earthing

Oct 21, 2020

 Did you know that one of the most centering things you can do throughout your day is to walk outside barefoot? 

Grounding or Earthing (interchangeable words that both mean connecting with the earth, or grounding with it) are concepts that I think have enormous merit.

Human beings evolved in close and constant connection with the Earth and its amazing energy, back before our modern lifestyles took hold. According to, “the Earth is basically a six sextillion metric ton battery that is continually being replenished by solar radiation, lightning, and heat from its deep-down molten core. The natural rhythmic pulsations of energy flowing through and emanating from the surface of the Earth keep the biological machinery and global life running in rhythm and balance.”


So the Earth is amazing (by now you all know how much I love nature and think she’s the bomb dot com) and is constantly emitting negatively charged ions and tremendously healing energy into the atmosphere.

And they are all ours for the taking if we would only get rid of our rubber soled shoes for a second, touch our bare feet to the grass or the dirt or the sand or even the sidewalk. These surfaces are conductive, which allows Earth’s energy to flow through them and into our bodies!

Buuuutttt then something happened in 1899 …. the invention of rubber soled shoes happened. Prior to that, people were walking around in leather, hemp, or cork soled shoes. These materials do not repel the negative ions like rubber does. The ions literally bounce up against the rubber and are then not absorbed into our bodies, because rubber is not conductive! But guess what? Our gorgeous human bodies are :)

Ever notice how when you are camping and you’re sleeping in the tent probably on the ground, you sleep so well?  Like come on guys, you’re sleeping on the hard ground, how could you possibly sleep better than you would if you were at home on your Casper with your down comforter?


Because Earth’s anti-inflammatory, healing energy is entering into your body and you actually are FEELING the effects (better sleep, more relaxed, peaceful, centered, etc). Because you are CONNECTING to the energy that gives all things on this planet life.


Many toxins and free radicals floating around the body are positively charged. Lets go back to basic chemistry from high school – a positive particle and a negative particle will neutralize each other. So … if what we learned in chemistry is true, then a positively charged toxin which can do buttloads of damage in the body, becomes NEUTRAL when it comes into contact with a negatively charged particle!  OMG CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THIS?!

Soooo this would mean that these harmful particles are … dare I say it … NOT wreaking havoc on the body??


This is why forest bathing is so therapeutic for stress, anxiety, immune health, and overall joy.  You’re in the thick of all the glory nature has to offer you – trees, flowers, bugs, birds, fresh air, a babbling brook, mountains, sand, moss, grass, sunlight, etc – you’re around all of these amazing things that emit negatively charged ions, which then get taken up by your body, they zip around and find the positively charged toxic stuff, and NEGATE their damage because SCIENCE.


I can’t make this stuff up.



Ways To Earth


Remove your shoes and touch your bare feet to the grass, sand, dirt or concrete

The best option for benefitting from these glorious negative ions is sand on the beach, as its wet from the water and water is an amazing conductor.  Your next best option is dewy grass in the morning.  Then dirt, then concrete.


Touch tree trunks and leaves of bushes/trees when you walk by

I’d learn to identify a couple naughty plants that can cause some trouble if you’re busy getting your earthing on such as poison ivy, poison sumac or poison oak.


Touch rocks, twigs and mossy rocks

Extra points if you find a stream to stick your feet into and touch the bottom of it!



Get your hands dirty, dig into some soil, plant bulbs (its fall time now so planting bulbs this season means you will reap the rewards come spring!), move around some mulch, touch your garden greens

Climb a tree

Can you think of a more nostalgic childhood past time than climbing a tree?  Pack a backpack with water, snacks and a book and spend an afternoon in the branches connecting to your inner child


Get out for a breath of fresh air every single day

Yes, even deep breathing the beautiful fresh air can give you these wonderful negative ion effects.  Your lungs are important for detoxification, so reward them for their hard work by giving them fresh oxygen to breath.



If you live in an urban area like I do, consider walking around the block in your bare feet (as long as you promise to look out for sharps or glass or other suspect looking random things that can maim your feet).

This may be easier for some than others due to how calloused your feet are. Former ballerina over here who is no stranger to pain in my precious footsies, so I find it pretty easy to walk around without shoes. It even feels nice! I love the crunching feel of the fallen leaves beneath my footsteps, and the warm sun on the sidewalk.

Also it’s good for your feet to have to work hard while walking barefoot. Our feet spend a lot of time squished into shoes, so its really good for your toes to stretch out, work all the muscles of the foot and help find balance with each step unbound by a shoe.


There are loads of ways to benefit from Earth’s gifts to us, so pick your favorite and get after it!


Benefits of Earthing/Grounding

Less stress

Less anxiety

A more balanced nervous system

Elevated mood

Lowered blood pressure

Increased resilience

Improved blood viscosity

Better ability to cope with daily stressors

Fewer headaches

Less muscle tension

Better sleep

More energy

Decreased recovery time

Decreased inflammation

Increased feelings of balance and centeredness

Enhanced immune system function

Feelings of lightness/joy

Feelings of rejuvenation

Desires for more nature loving activities


If you want to read further on earthing and the research that has been conducted, check out these websites:

Journal of Environmental and Public Health


I want to hear from you!  Do you earth regularly?  Is this concept totally new to you?  Have you noticed any benefits?


Happy Grounding!


Emily 😊

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