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Healing Medicine

Jun 01, 2021

 When everything in your life is medicine, you find healing everywhere.

You don't have to wait for a pill or a surgery -- you can start healing right this very second.

Strength, healing power, regenerative capabilities -- these are all inside of you. They are not OUTSIDE of you. Nothing is. The moment we realize that the power lies WITHIN, is when our healing journey truly beings.


Your Life, As Medicine


It’s in the trees.

It’s in the wind.

It’s in the sunlight.

It's in the starlight.

It’s in the laughter of a child.

It’s in a snuggle with your four-legged friend.

It’s in your morning cup of tea with a loved one.

It's in an embrace with your beloved.

It’s in the earth beneath your feet.

It’s in the stillness of a moment.

It's in a long distant memory that still carries warmth.

It’s in the solitude of the desert.

It’s in the loving thoughts that came through to you today.

It’s in the beating of your own heart.

It's in the lifeforce energy coursing through you at this very second.

It's in surrender.

It's in poetry.

It's in the most blissful joy.

It's in abysmal heartbreak.

It's in forgiveness.

It's in acceptance.

It's in the courage to keep going.

It's in your inner knowing.

It's in the laughter through tears.

It's in the tears through laughter.

It's in the grace to continue choosing love over hate.

It's in the softness of your vulnerability.

It’s in the miracle of your mere existence.


Simply recognizing that the world around you is beautiful and intelligent and deeply moving, moves you from sympathetic fight or flight nervous system and into the parasympathetic rest and digest nervous system. This … This is where you heal. This is where you come into balance. This is where your body takes a deep breath and says “thank you … I can do my job of healing you now.”


Awe and wonder are never lost on me.


Marvel at the beauty of your own being.


All of my love to you today, dear one.


Emily 😊

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