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Holiday Self Care

Dec 22, 2018

One of my absolute favorite topics of conversation is self care (whether it is holiday time or not!) and how totally important it is for a balanced, happy life.  

How many of you out there have a crazy full life? Full time job, full time boo, full time kiddos, full time friends, full time family, daily needs that must be met, full time dogs/cats/hamsters/chickens that must be tended to…plus maybe you are someone who likes to work out regularly (or once a year if you’re me?), so you must find time for that…and maybe you like to eat healthy food and you have to find time for marketing and meal prepping…and maybe you like the occasional night off to just relax and do absolutely nothing because you’re so exhausted it’s all you can do…


And now, on top of just doing life, what about being in a bright cheerful mood, eager to listen, be supportive of those you love, and ready to give (read: everythinggg) your all for:::

your boss (because we want to get our raise next year to support our very serious Stitch Fix habit…anyone else?)

coworkers (because we want to be seen as a team player and not the biz who doesn’t help with the work things)

your boo (because you want him to remember you’re still the sweet and fun-loving gal you were when you got married)

your family (b/c you actually are kind of obsessed with your folks now that you’re 32 and have they always been this cool? so you don’t want them to think you’re ungrateful and surly)

your kiddos (I’m the fun happy-go-lucky mom remember!)

your friends (do I even have any anymore it’s been so long since I’ve seen them?)


even though you’re exhausted, irritated, burned out, and honestly just desperate for some quiet time and a bath and a glass of sav blanc (or maybe that’s just me?)… I’m actually feeling depleted just from typing all that out….

Self care friends.  It’s a beautiful thing.  And it is necessary. Not only to survive all that chaos we just talked about up there, but to totally thrive amidst this beautiful, sometimes tragic, sometimes painful, but mostly exhilarating and absolutely joyous magical thing called life.  We get one go around at this. Let’s make it awesome!!



What are some ways you can incorporate more self care into your life this holiday season and beyond?

I want to hear all about them! Email me or send me a DM on IG! @emily.anne.woodward

Abundantly Yours,


Emily ☺

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