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The What And How Of Self Care

Dec 23, 2018

One of the most important relationships in this life you will ever have is the one you have with yourself.  

You spend the most time with her, you know her better than anyone else, you know her deepest, darkest, juiciest secrets, and you always know what to get her for her birthday.  It’s like one mind ( oh wait…)!

So then, when was the last time you spent a really glorious evening with her, with no one else around?

When was the last time you took her for a long walk to just gather thoughts and reflect on life?

Or how about the last time you treated her to a facial or a massage or a mani/pedi or an acupuncture session or therapy or a day wandering the beach or a hidden trail up in the mountains?

The beautiful thing about self care is that it is just that – “self” care.  You can’t recruit your boo or bestie to do this work for you. This is between you and your beautiful, sexy, badass self, baby. You cannot fill others up until you yourself are full. And you cannot be your fullest if you don’t give yourself the same love and attentiveness you give everyone else in your life.  

If you are running on empty, your love/attention/support/presence will also translate as empty and lacking.  

I truly believe the world would be a little bit of a happier place if we all just loved on ourselves a bit more.  This is not a selfish thing. This is a self-love thing. This is a self-preservation thing. This is the “put on your own oxygen mask before your kiddo’s oxygen mask” thing.  


Self care doesn’t have to be indulgent and expensive.  
It can be as simple as going to bed early on work nights!

And staying hydrated throughout your work day!

Or feeding yourself healthy, life-giving food!

Or sitting outside getting fresh air on your lunch break!

Or buying yourself beautiful flowers just because you like the looks of them!

Or soaking in a hot bubble bath with a good book once or twice a week (or every day if you’re like me!…oh wait I don’t have a tub anymore :( )

Or allowing yourself some quiet time after a long day at work!

Or swapping coffee for tea in the afternoon so you can sleep at night!

Or saying no to engagements or gatherings that don’t energize you!

Or setting boundaries with people who deplete you…this is a big one!

Or a walk in nature!

Or a really beautiful, nourishing dinner!

Or a morning moment of gratitude for all the beauty in your life!


Self care is so much fun!!! Honestly just writing this makes me want to go do all of them haha… it’s so simple and so transformative and such a lovely way to give yourself the love you deserve (and need!!).  

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