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My Secret Weapon For Squashing Stress & Bringing Balance

adrenals stress Jun 24, 2022

No surprise here, but stress is one of the most insidious things plaguing our world these days.

It’s coming at us from all angles at unprecedented rates:


from our environment (toxins in the water we drink and the air we breath)

our devices (non-native EMFs like 5G, cellphones and blue light all day every day)

garbage “food” in our grocery stores (pretty much everything you find in a box or a package that’s filled with non-food ingredients, inorganic iron filings thanks to the fortification process status post WWII, preservatives, dyes, chemicals, artificial colorings and other bullshit masquerading as food)

poisons in our personal care products (makeup, shampoo, fluoride in our toothpaste)

pharmaceuticals and their byproducts circulating our bodies

heavy metals and chemicals in our environment

mental and emotional stress (feeling helpless and hopeless in life about the state of the world, world stress, wars happening on the other side of the world, fear being peddled to us through MSM and social media, worrying about every little thing outside of our control)

immune challenges (chronic low-grade infections, weakened immune systems)


Don’t even get me started on the stress that we put on our bodies, whether knowingly or unknowingly, things like:::


staying up too late

not getting enough high-quality restorative sleep

drinking coffee on an empty stomach

skipping meals

running off of stress hormones

never slowing down and thriving on “being super busy”

watching too much fear porn on mainstream media

not breathing well

eating our meals on the go

constantly riding the blood sugar rollercoaster

not moving our body

not getting enough sunlight

not spending enough time in nature

not having a de-stressing routine in place

living out of sync with our cycles

stress about finances (have y’all filled up your gas tanks lately?? Or shopped for food?? I’m lucky if I get out of there for under $200 for food for 2 people for 1 week… wtf)

stress about children

stress about wanting children

stress about our health


It's kind of insane when you think about it. The human body wasn’t built to withstand this kind of unrelenting stress coming at us from every single corner of our environment. Our world has exploded with all sorts of advances in technology in a relatively short period of time, not to mention the slow degradation of our food supply and subsequent removal of beneficial micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and microbes from our soil. It’s happening so fast that our body’s are having a harder and harder time dealing with the onslaught.


Is it any wonder that we have a population of people in this world today who are the sickest, most depressed, most anxious, most emotionally disturbed, most mentally unstable, most socially connected and yet most emotionally and collectively DISconnected, most unhealthy, most hormonally imbalanced, most infertile EVER in human history???


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say no. It’s no wonder.




What do we do about it? Great question, I’m glad you asked!


Aside from the obvious, like creating de-stressing practices that help you better deal with the inevitable stressors of life in 2022, we have to support our adrenal glands.


The adrenal glands are the little walnut-sized triangular shaped glands that sit on top of your kidneys (ad-renal, above the renal glands aka kidneys) that produce our stress hormones cortisol, norepinephrine and adrenaline. They also produce hormones like DHEA, progesterone to a small extent, and aldosterone. They are imperative to your survival so that you can, you guessed it – DEAL WITH STRESS!!


Want more resiliency to stress? Want to be able to handle your present stressors better? Want to regulate your nervous system so you can spend more time healing, rather than fight/flight/fleeing?




And anything you can do to mitigate stress is going to help with nourishing and tending to your adrenals.


One of my all time favorite tools in the toolbox for supporting adrenal health, squashing stress and bringing about balance is none other than the much revered, delicious, inexpensive, super accessible and wildly mineralizing adrenal cocktail.


The adrenal cocktail provides whole food vitamin C, sodium and potassium in a delicious little orang-ey flavored beverage to help support the adrenals in times of stress.



Whole food vitamin C from fresh organic orange juice provides bioavailable copper & tyrosinase. Wholefood vitamin C helps us produce energy, manufacture collagen, maintain blood vessel integrity, and helps repair cellular damage caused by stress.



These two big kahuna minerals work in tandem. The more stressed out we are, the more sodium we lose. When we lose sodium, potassium follows right behind it. The balance of sodium and potassium is extremely important for things like cardiovascular health, nervous system health, magnesium absorption, proper insulin response (no big deal, right?). But people with tired and kaput little adrenals are particularly susceptible to these electrolyte changes.


Long story short – vitamin C, sodium and potassium work synergistically to regulate stress hormone production, remineralize and nourish the adrenals.


The Adrenal Cocktail


4oz organic orange juice

¼ tsp cream of tartar

¼ tsp sea salt


Mix together in a mason jar, shake it up, sip & enjoy!


Drink your adrenal cocktail between the hours of 10am-2pm. Make SURE that you are well fed and nourished with food first. Our human body needs FOOD for energy. Feed yourself well so that your body has what it needs to rebuild, repair, renew and regenerate. THEN, after a nice healthy hearty breakfast or a yummy balancing lunch, enjoy your adrenal cocktail.


Note that the adrenal cocktail is NOT meal replacement, so please ensure you are eating enough, eating often enough, and getting a healthy balance of protein fats and carbohydrates with every meal and snack.


Work your way up to two per day for maximum benefit.


When I started doing my adrenal cocktails, I noticed a difference immediately. Coming from a place of damn near complete and total adrenal burnout and working over the course of two years to heal, this was like the most needed, most welcome, most nourishing breath of fresh air for my little adrenals. The adrenal cocktail brings about such a lovely sense of peace and calm that's hard for me to articulate. I feel so much more resilient to stress. I feel like I adapt to stressful moments/situations/environments with much more ease. I feel a sense of settling into myself after I have a cocktail. I'm sleeping better. I'm mentally sharper. I feel like I'm more relaxed throughout my day. You really need to experience it for yourself!


This small tweak brings about massive healing for many of my clients. I am a food first kind of gal always (read my recent post here about why I always go for a food first approach!) , and this is one of my favorite food-based tricks that brings about so much healing and nourishment. I honestly don't know of a more effective and inexpensive way to bring so much benefit so quickly!


I'm so excited for you to build adrenal cocktails into your daily repertoire!


Let me know in the comments below how they are impacting your stress!!


Yours In Abundant Health!


Emily 🌻

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