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Nutrient Dense Foods Improve Your Healing Potential!

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Food is an incredible opportunity to transform your health and catapult healing. Whether you are trying to reverse an autoimmune disorder, recover from a prolonged illness, or improve your fertility, food is your ally and one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.


Sadly, there are a lot of “foods” out there masquerading as food but are no where NEAR the quality needed to reverse and prevent disease. In fact, most of the “food” in the supermarket is … well its not food. Not entirely sure what it is lol, but it’s not even on the same planet as the whole, natural, traditional foods that nourished mankind for centuries.


((Quick Pro Tip – if you’re reading the label and you can't pronounce it, and you think your great grandmother would not recognize it, its probably not real food.))


So what does nutrient dense even mean?


A nutrient dense food contains a high concentration of valuable vitamins, minerals, micro and macronutrients that our body requires for energy. These foods help our bodies function optimally because they are replete with valuable nutrients that we need in order to repair, renew, regenerate and thrive. Nutrient dense foods give you a big bang for your nutritional buck, so to speak.


It’s important to fill your plate with the highest quality, most nutrient dense foods you can so that you can maximize your healing potential.


Some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet are:


Grass-fed meat with its fat

Organ meats

Cod Liver Oil

Raw unpasteurized dairy products from grass-fed animals

Pasture-raised eggs



Fish eggs (roe)

Ripe fruits

Fermented veggies

Bone broth


Side note: vegetables do have an important place in the diet, just make sure you’re cooking them well and serving them with fat of some kind to enhance absorption of the minerals. Raw vegetables are challenging to digest and may create digestive upset for some individuals.


The work of Weston A. Price was and is groundbreaking in our understanding of how diet can and does effect our health. He was a renowned dentist and nutrition researcher and traveled the world to gain deeper understanding into how dietary practices affect peoples' dental health. He found that those cultures who ate a nutrient-dense, ancestral and traditional diet had wide palates, almost no tooth decay, and beautiful straight white teeth despite not practicing regular brushing. He also found that these cultures remained largely disease-free, and the women were extremely fertile and produced healthy, robust children. And what was interesting was that all of these cultures that he visited ate largely different foods, depending on their climate and what was easily cultivated, and they STILL all expressed amazing health and fertility. 


In example, the people in the Swiss village that Dr. Price visited ate an abundance of dairy products like raw milk, butter and cream, but ate very little fruits and vegetables due to the short growing season. The Eskimos ate mostly fish, marine animals, and fish roe. The Maasai consumed almost no plant foods, and ate mostly meat, blood and milk.


While these cultures ate vastly different foods due to their varying climates and access to certain animals and crops, they all shared something in common -- they were eating foods that were extremely high in nutrients, aka: nutrient-dense!


Dr. Price's research has been replicated in animal studies, so it is no longer a question of whether or not high quality, nutrient dense foods impact our health. Check out links to some research articles here and here.


Also of note: these cultures were NOT influenced by the modern conventional foods like white sugar, refined flour, processed/pasteurized milk, fortified foods and garbage seed oils.


And even more fascinating, Dr. Price discovered that when these cultures WERE introduced to our conventional processed foods, their health suffered greatly.


Moral of the story -- nutrient dense foods yield the greatest health outcomes for you and your future children. Processed foods that are devoid of nutrients put you and your future children at risk for major nutrient deficiencies, growth problems, digestive challenges, hormonal challenges, infertility, and chronic illness.



Menu of a Nutrient-Rich Day




Pastured eggs prepared how you like + meat of choice like bacon, ground beef, turkey patty or chicken sausage + homemade sourdough bread with butter + ripe fruit or freshly pressed orange juice

Salmon lox on sourdough toast with cream cheese + fish roe + hard boiled pastured egg + ripe fruit

Smoothie made with raw milk, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, honey and an egg yolk





2oz raw cheese + honey + salt + ripe fruit

Cottage cheese + ripe fruit

Beef jerky with dried fruit

Cup of bone broth + butter + dried herbs




Sardine salad with homemade mayo + sourdough crackers + cottage cheese + ripe fruit

Chicken liver pate served on sourdough toast + raw cheese + ripe fruit

Burger + potato wedges + homemade ketchup + wilted greens + fresh fruit




Warm milk + raw egg yolk + collagen powder + pinch of cinnamon + homemade marshmallow

Dried fruit + 2oz raw cheese

Bowl of fresh fruit + yogurt + bee pollen




Oxtail stew prepared with potatoes, carrots, onions, celery and a leek

Steak + wilted greens + potato or properly prepared grains

Shepherds Pie made with ground bison with added ground organ meat




Homemade custard made with pastured eggs + raw cream

Homemade ice cream

Yogurt parfait with seasonal fruit + local raw honey


There is a lot of unlearning we must do as it relates to the nutrition advice we have received from the media, certain governing bodies, our medical doctors, and other entities that profit off of us being unwell. I've said it before and I'll say it again -- nobody makes money off of you when you are well. These are hard truths for many to comprehend, myself included. But the truth will always come to light, and it will come to light faster for those of us who understand human physiology and know how to follow money trails lol.


I encourage you to dive into the teachings of The Weston A. Price Foundation and learn as much as you can about ancestral eating, traditional diets, and how to access local, real, nutrient dense foods. Because THIS is where you will find health.


Not down the cereal aisle at Safeway.

Not in foods that have been "fortified" with synthetic vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients.

Not from your medical doctor (doctors are not nutritionists, nor are they required to receive any nutrition training in medical school).

Not in supplements that isolate nutrients.


Nature has done it perfectly for us, yet again. Everything in nature -- the plants, the animals, the trees, the ecosystems, the sunlight, the water sources -- works synergistically.


Eat as close to nature as you can, and watch your health improve exponentially!


What are your favorite nutrient dense foods? Lately I am swooning for oxtail stew and homemade custard! Tell me yours below!


Yours In Abundant Health!



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