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Pleasure and Joy For Getting Into Your Fertile, Feminine Flow

feminine energy fertility joy pleasure Mar 25, 2024

In order to be in a place for women to confidently, sustainably, and easily heal their hormones and their fertility – we need to be able to step into our femininity.


Menstrual cycles, fertility, pregnancy, birth, maidenhood, womanhood and motherhood are all inherently … well feminine! And this is a beautiful thing, one that myself and many other coaches and teachers in the realm of hormone healing are helping women reclaim.


Soo many of us have spent a great deal of our lives in masculine energy. Myself included! Partly because the world around us really values masculine qualities.


Masculine Energy














Masculine energy gets shit done. It’s dominating and linear, and definitely has a place in our lives as women. Trust me, I definitely tap into this energy when I have a deadline to meet, a project to finish, or a lot of things to cross off my to do list!


We women run into problems when we spend too much time in this masculine space. In fact, many women reject the very qualities that embody the feminine energy, because our society views femininity and qualities associated with being feminine as inferior, weaker and less valuble.


Here are some ways that feminine energy shows up in our lives:


Feminine Energy







Slowing down







Being in your feminine flow IS actually all it’s cracked up to be.


One thing I find myself talking about regularly with just about every single client is the idea of pleasure. And no, I’m not just talking about sexual pleasure and all that fun juicy stuff that comes with being a woman in her hormonal flow!


I’m talking about finding pleasure in just about everything that you do in life.


When we spend more time in our feminine dimension, we actually create space.


Space for our husbands / boyfriends / partners

Space for our work

Space to grow a new baby

Space to create something new and beautiful

Space to heal

Space for ourselves

Space to experience more pleasure in life


Working WITH your female body, your hormones, and stepping into your feminine energy is what gives us access to so much healing power!


I am of the belief that our lives are filled to the brim with an endless supply of pleasure and joy. Sometimes we just have to look a littledeeper!


Let’s take food for example.


I believe that food should be PLEASURABLE. I believe food should turn all of us on, energetically and physically. Like I want to be SO EXCITED about my meals because this is the literal sustenance that is going to BECOME my cells and tissues and organs and skin / hair / nails / ovum and hormones and maybe even my future baby.


Food should be gorgeous, mouth-watering, full of delicious ingredients and life-giving nourishment. It should get me so excited that I am chomping at the bit to sink my teeth into it.


 I don’t waste my time on food I am not crazy about. I don’t waste my time on food that doesn’t excite me. I don’t give my energy or my money or my attention to food that’s not amazing in every way – amazing tasting, amazing for me, amazingly healing and nourishing on all levels.


So if I’m not stoked about my food? Meh, then its simple: I’m just not going to eat it. I’m not going to prepare food and sit down to a meal that I’m not completely 100% totally psyched to eat.


This DOES NOT mean that all I do all day is eat caviar and filet mignon and crème brulee (though there are occasions where I do indulge in such things!).


All this means is that I prepare food that is delicious, nourishing, life-giving, comforting, and healing on every single level.


And THAT is what I mean when I say every single thing I put into my body is a pleasure.


Pleasure is EVERYWHERE!


I want you to do an experiment, starting today. Everything you do in your day, I want you to start finding pleasure in it.



Where To Find More Pleasure


The food that you eat.

The flowers that you see on your walk.

The art you see at a museum.

Dressing yourself for the day.

The smell of your honey’s cologne.

The simplicity of the present moment with your child as he / she flips through a book, taking in the colors and shapes and faces on the page.

The aroma of the outside world after a heavy rain.

The glow of the candles in your home.

The heaviness of your head on your pillow after a long and productive day.

The swell of the ocean.

The hug from your honey that lasts just a few seconds longer than you anticipated.

The way you organize your underwear drawer.

The wind in your hair as you drive down the freeway with the windows down.

That song that just came on Spotify that takes you back.

The richness of the dark chocolate you enjoy after dinner.

The simple enjoyment of standing at your sink doing dishes feeling the warm water.

How good cold glass of raw milk tastes.

The water that washes over you in the shower.

The warm enveloping of the hot water during your bath.

Finding pleasure in your beautiful clothing, in adorning yourself with your favorite jewelry, revering yourself as you apply your body oil or apply your mascara.


DECIDE to allow pleasure to flow through you.


When we are open to receiving pleasure in the very doings and happenings of our everyday life, we begin to embody more of this feminine energy, naturally! Receiving is a big piece of healing our bodies, our hormones, our hearts, and our spirits because it ALLOWS IN more of that wonderful healing nurturance that is meant for us.


When we fully RECEIVE the nourishment from the food we just ate, our cells / tissues / organs / and body systems thrive.

When we fully RECEIVE the beauty of the sunset we just witnessed, our stress levels lower and feel good neurotransmitters dominate.

When we fully RECEIVE love from our husbands, boyfriends, besties, trusted family members, our hearts and spirits begin to mend.


This is how we heal on all levels.

This is how we energetically heal.

This is how we physically heal.

This is how we spiritually heal.

This is how we emotionally heal.


And when we heal all of these aspects of ourselves, we come into a state of hormonal harmony and balance. And by proxy, everything within us comes into balance. Our hormones, our periods, our menstrual cycles, our fertility.


When our hormones come into balance, and when our menstrual cycles become normalized, and when our fertility is restored, guess what a woman is able to do then?




She is able to RECEIVE the love and adoration that her partner intends for her, thus opening herself up to the deeper life-changing realms of pleasure where our lives really change.

The EGG is able to RECEIVE the SPERM.

Her WOMB is able to RECEIVE the new life that has just come into existence.

Her whole entire being is able to RECEIVE the MAGNITUDE of what it means to create and carry new life.


Is this not the most amazing thing in the world???


Seeking pleasure daily, priming yourself to receive more pleasure in everything you do, will raise your vibration and therefore attract the vibrational equivalent!


You may use the words joy and pleasure interchangeably if that’s easier for you in the beginning of your pleasure pursuits, but as you get used to finding more joy and pleasure in your everyday seemingly mundane daily happenings, start to shift from joy to pleasure.


Infusing our seemingly ordinary days with more pleasure primes us to RECEIVE more pleasure in all areas of our life


You will find that nothing is ordinary or mundane, that it’s actually all beautiful and healing and nourishing.


This is how we CREATE pleasurable experiences throughout our lives. We no longer have to wait for these opportunities to arise; we can create them simply by being open to them.


Be curious and open as you start to bring more pleasure into your life. We don’t always have to be so results focused or performance focused or being so fixated on the end result, but rather when we have fun with this whole experiment of finding the pleasure in all things, when we stay curious and when we surprise ourselves, this element of fun and playfulness and curiosity naturally elevates our experience.  And that in and of itself will infuse more pleasure, more turn on, and more joy into your life.


Tell me in the comments below – where are you finding pleasure these days?


Yours In Abundant Health and Love


Emily 😊

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