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Real Food

Jun 09, 2021

 What is real food?

--> Real food is food that comes from the Earth.

--> Real, whole food has one ingredient -- itself!

--> Real food will rot or decay if not eaten within a few days time.

--> Real food imparts powerful healing energy on the body.


 What ISN'T real food?

--> Real food does not come with a label and a laundry list of unpronounceable ingredients.

--> Anything that is grown or created in a lab. Refined foods have had something taken away from them. For example, apple juice. It's PART of the apple, while the fiber, pectin, ,and substance has been removed. Apple juice is not as wholesome as the apple in its whole form.

--> Fortified foods are foods generally created in a lab, who then have minerals added back into them. These minerals that are added back in are not the naturally occurring minerals that nature intended, but rather they are synthetic minerals created in a lab, that are foreign to the human body.

--> Refined/processed foods do not impart healing energy on the body. The energetic difference between that apple and the apple juice, are vastly different.


Start incorporating more whole foods into your diet. Simply try to eat more whole, unprocessed food than you do processed/refined foods.


Start to notice how it feels to eat whole, living foods.

  • How are your energy levels?
  • How have your bathroom habits changed?
  • Do you feel lighter?
  • Are you noticing the difference between "full" and "nourished" ?
  • Are certain symptoms subsiding?
  • How does your skin look?
  • Are the whites of your eyes clearer?
  • How does your mind feel?





I'm not saying that there's never a time and a place for processed foods. I am not a purist. I enjoy some Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers when I'm traveling or a DQ Pecan Mudslide in the summertime, okay. Nobody is perfect, and I am not striving to be.

When whole, living, real foods are the stars of the show, and processed/refined foods are merely an extra, then the body has the raw ingredients it needs to repair, rejuvenate, heal and thrive!


Don’t focus on taking foods away.

Shift your thinking toward the mindset of abundance. Think of all the amazing foods you will get to enjoy and circulate into your repertoire.

Crowd out the bad stuff by adding in more of the good stuff.

This is a win win because we’re inviting in more abundance by having an abundant mindset, while also passively eliminating some of the not-so-good-for-us stuff that doesn’t really serve us anyway.


Real, whole foods are integral healing tools in my course, The Hormone Healing Secrets. It's a complete roadmap to healing your hormones and helping you achieve regular periods, ovulate regularly, increase your libido, and optimize your fertility!


What whole foods to you enjoy? What naughty foods are you going to crowd out this week? Tell me below!


Happy Crowding Out!!


Emily  😊


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