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Recharging The Batteries!

Jun 20, 2019

Hello beautiful people!!

Thank you for stopping by here today! My goodness, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything!

As a new blogger, it’s super important to stay consistent with posting so that my valued readers stay interested, stay curious, and most importantly, keep coming back for more of the good stuff!  


Boo and I have been sauntering around Europe for the last 3 weeks, and my focus and attention have been on relaxing, being in the present moment, and tuning into my heart’s deepest desires. 

This meant taking a break from creating, reflecting on the last several months, and re-evaluating certain areas in my life. 


For those of you who are into the menstrual cycle like I am, I was in my luteal and menstrual phases for our trip (TMI don’t care!!  You can skidaddle if you don’t like hearing about period stuffs!!), which is the perfect time to bring projects into completion (ie: actually going on this trip after months of planning!), evaluate what’s working and what isn’t, and to quiet down and actually LISTEN to what my heart and soul really want (hint:: paying attention to menstrual dreams gives you access to your deep deep desires! You have access to so much of your intuition and wisdom this time of the month. Another reason to love being a woman!!!). It’s so cool that this trip fell when I was in these 2 amazing phases of my cycle, because all I did was rest, learn, eat sexy food, hold hands with my bae, and take in the beauty of our planet and let it fill me up.  It was incredibly restoring. 


I’m so happy to be back on here, back stateside, back with a recharged battery, and ready to create amazing, awesome, educational, applicable, and totally life-enhancing content for you all!! Yayyy!!!  And I promise that will be posting more often than once every couple of months!!


My boo and I were talking this morning before getting started on the day, and we both were saying how stoked we are to GET TO WORK!!!

Like I never knew I could be so excited to create and build and grow a business and stumble and fall because duh we all do, and get back up and learn from mistakes and get my hands dirty with all of this.  When I said that, he laughed at me and said, “that’s because your battery is charged, boo! You’re fully charged! You’re ready to get unplugged and get after it because you just had 4 weeks to enjoy, get clarity, and get focused on what you really really want.”  Sweet Lord, was he right!  And it was so funny how he said it.  I guess you had to be there ; )  But still.  I’m SO PUMPED!!!


We all recharge our batteries in different ways.

Some of you may probably look at our trip and think, “Holy crap… 6 countries in 20 days … planes, trains, and automobiles and go go go and museums and wandering aimlessly for hours upon hours …. not for me no thanks”, and some of you may think this sounds freaking awesome!

Regardless, it was just what these bears needed.  Traveling gets both of our juices flowing. 


One of my favorite parts about vacationing is the quality time I get with my boo.  I love it so much that when we are back and real life resumes, I get a little blue because we aren’t hanging out all day every day haha! I guess that’s just another amazing reminder that I picked the right person to spend my life with : )


Anyway. Recharging. It’s so necessary. It’s essential for sanity as well as keeping you sharp when it comes to your work and your creations. Getting away from it all provides you so much clarity. Kind of like how you can’t see the forest through the trees? Sometimes a little distance helps you see everything a little better.


How do you recharge your batteries? Tell me in the comments!


With Love, Joy, and all the rest and relaxation you need to stay on your A-Game!!!


Emily 😊

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