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Sex On Your Cycle

Jun 04, 2021

 What is more taboo – talking about sex, or talking about period sex?! Lol.

Lets talk about this because there is so much, both women AND men, stand to gain by talking about the power of the period, and by extension, the power of period sex!

Not gonna lie … I used to be REVOLTED by the idea of having sex on my period. I was so fixated on “making a mess” or bleeding all over my boo and it was way more embarrassing than it was arousing.


After I started balancing my hormones, I really took notice of my body and the different sensations I was feeling throughout the month.

Typically you hear about women feeling very libidinous and juicy around ovulation (once again, Nature being perfect and increasing our desire around the time where we could hypothetically procreate!), but I was noticing that I was feeling extremely interested in sex during the last couple of days of the menstrual phase of my cycle. The first 2 days of heavy flow I definitely did not have much desire. But then around day 3 or 4, I started to feel very in touch with my sexual desires.

So rather than stuffing down the desire, I started telling my boo that I was feeling interested in having sex despite being on my period.


Not only did I quickly realize that the aversion to period blood was very much my own, but I learned that … he didn’t mind it! I think the fact that I was so aroused was much more of a turn on to him than period blood was a turn off. Does that make sense?

Turned on wife > the thought of a little period blood. Talk about an empowering discovery!





What’s happening during your period:


On the first day of your period, all of your hormones are at an all time low. Estrogen, progesterone, FSH, LH, etc, everything is low. And as the days go on, your estrogen begins to climb. Estrogen is what makes us feel very womanly and sexy, curvy, in touch with our feminine energy, it’s what makes our breasts swell. It’s a very proliferative hormone, meaning it helps things grow. Uterine lining, breast tissue, and libido!


Typically your period tends to be a “dry” time for women, so make sure to include lots of kissing and touching and closeness to help generate more natural lubrication. If you’re going to use lube, organic coconut oil is my favorite. Everything becomes so slippery, its great!


Orgasms during period sex – so during your period, the veil between the seen and unseen is very thin. The left and right hemispheres of the brain are communicating effortlessly and easily. Our dreams are very vivid during this time as well. The messages that come through to us during our periods are sacred and special, revealing to us what it is that we truly want.


The cervix, is the gateway between life and death. Your cervix literally gives birth to new life. And the cervix, during your menstrual cycle, is open, allowing the release of your menstrual blood out of your uterus. And when the cervix is open, the ability to experience cervical pleasure is available to you. Have you ever had a cervical orgasm? It is nothing like a paltry little clitoral orgasm (no offense to the clitoris). This is the kind that changes you forever and connects you to your partner on an entirely transcendent level.


I challenge you with something that maybe you never in your wildest dreams ever thought you might do … My challenge to you is whenever you get your next period, to have some period sex!


If this thought is revolting to you, I encourage you to ask yourself why.


To go even deeper (lol), I invite you to look at your own programming around your period.


  • What was your first menses like?

  • Do you have any traumatic memories that you need to heal from?

  • Do you own this part of yourself? Or have you disowned it over the years?


Before I learned the power of my period, it was very much a burden to me. It wasn’t until my PCOS diagnosis in 2014 and the winding journey that followed that I came to embrace my period and the wonders of my entire menstrual cycle, including my week of bleeding.


It is a time of rest and recharging, of introspection and stillness. I purposely rearrange my work schedule so that I am not working during the heaviest days of my flow.


It is a gift I give to myself every month, and I will always treat it as such!


So! With all of that, start looking at your period differently.

Have fun with your lover if you feel called to do so.

Change your mindset from one of “ew this is gross I’m so embarrassed” to “I’m feeling juicy and sexy and dammit I want to make love even though its going to be messy.”


Life is supposed to be messy sometimes!

And if you’re getting an orgasm (or 10!) out of it, and beautiful connection and intimacy with your lover, then bring on the mess!!


Happy (period) Sexing!!


Emily 😊

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