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“Would You Say Your Pesto Is The Besto?”

Feb 06, 2019

“Well I dunno, I’d say it’s pretty goodo…” 


FRIENDS anyone? 


How basic is pesto?  I have always been a fan, but as of late I’m on a whole other level.  I’ve been making pesto out of EVERYTHING lately!  There are no rules anymore when it comes to cooking, and honestly I find the whole traditional basil/pine nuts/olive oil/parmesan recipe kinda boring…


Also using parm is out of the question since my boo is off dairy.  Nutritional yeast is maybe the greatest gift to non-cheese eating foodies everywhere, when you want that cheesy flavor and nuttiness you get from a sexy aged parm. This is my favorite brand of nutritional yeast. I honestly don’t even miss parm in my pesto anymore.  Now… a huge block of parm, some crunchy rustic bread and some red wine for Game of Thrones Sundays?  Um yes.  Sorry bae, I’m eating the damn cheese. 


I use everything from raw spinach to parsley to watercress.  Basil is great and I love it dearly, but it is no longer the star player when it comes to my pestos. 


And pine nuts… can we just for a minute?  I love you pine nuts, I really do, you’re super cute and tiny and make me all giddy for how buttery and velvety you are…and mmm when you toast up in the skillet for a little browning action I actually cry a little because your flavor is out of this world amazing…but you are kind of expensive and don’t give me a huge bang for my buck, and mama’s on a budget right now so I’ve had to find other nuts to get … nutty with.  I love you.  Can we do something in like a few months?


I use any and all nuts.  Cashews, walnuts, almonds, pecans.  I recently picked up some filberts I’m thinking of turning into some pesto magic … Throw in some pumpkin seeds if it’s October.  The sky is the limit guys!  Have fun and just use whatever you have.


Creative pesto.  The “whatever herbs you have in the fridge will be perfectly fine” pesto. It’s so fun!  And so easy!  And the perfect way to throw a delicious meal together in literally minutes so a) you’re cooking from home which is always better for the budget and for the whole clean eating thing and b) your boo/friends/mother-in-law think you are a culinary badass who has time for all the things and some good old fashioned home cooking.


Enough talk!  Lets get to the food!! 


I don’t even follow a recipe anymore. 


This is what I did tonight and it was flipping awesome.  I didn’t exactly measure the stuff out but this should be close enough. 



1 cup (ish) toasted whole almonds

2 containers of basil (with the stems! I hate throwing food away)

2 giant cloves of garlic

3 TBS nutritional yeast

zest from 1 whole lemon

juice from 1 whole lemon

a couple shakes of red pepper flakes (boo likes it spicy)

½ cup to 1 cup of EVOO, add to the consistency of your liking



Throw it all in a food processor.


Pulse til you think it’s done.  Ours tonight was a little chunky on account of the almonds, so it wasn’t completely pureed.  It was fun because of the crunch and also the toastiness was just so apparently toasty with each bite.  I could have probably tried to articulate that a little better huh?  Haha..


Serve over some gluten free pasta (I like brown rice noodles).  Add protein of your liking.  Tonight we did shrimp.  On Wednesdays we do shrimp!  Not really, Mean Girls reference, you know :)


So healthy and so simple!  If the noodles hadn’t taken 20 minutes, dinner would have been ready in 10. 


Let me know what pesto magic you come up with this week!  Would love to hear how much fun you have getting creative in the kitchen!


With Love & Abundance!


Emily :) 

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