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Liver Reset After Too Much Holiday Fun!

booze castor oil packs coffee enema glutathione liver health Nov 30, 2021

Who doesn't love the holidays?!

Seriously though, everything about this time of year tugs at my little nostalgic heart and takes me straight back to being a kiddo, curled up with my sis beneath the Christmas tree, watching The Santa Clause, engulfed in scents of basalm fir and cedar, and watching the snow fall outside our living room window.

Adulting during the holidays looks a little bit different than those childhood days of yore.

It involves a little more wine, a little more boozy cider, and a little more staying out late like way later than is healthy, and a big giant bowl of Cheetos and Rold Gold Pretzels at the end of the evening.


Anyone else?


I definitely forego my daily attention to my healthy girl habits and let myself enjoy the festivities and indulge a bit more than I normally would when it's not Thanksgiving and I'm not celebrating another holiday season with my nearest and dearest.


So. What do we do AFTER all the holiday fun is over?

How do we get back on track?

How do we give our livers a little extra love so that we can support our bodies, our hormones, and our overall health?


It's simple. We simply reset, course correct, and show our liver some much needed love!


Post Holiday Liver Reset


Warm lemon water every morning upon rising

This is super basic, super refreshing, super alkalizing, and one of the easiest and cheapest ways to feel better immediately. Lemon water is so good upon rising, as all the valves and sphincters in the GI tract are open, so the water moves freely and easily through the gut and often leads to an early morning bowel movement, which we all know is the best way to start out the day! Minerals from the lemon kickstart your day. It hydrates you immediately, tastes fantastic, and is more hydrating than plain old water.


Coffee enemas

Y'all know how much I love coffee enemas by now! If you haven't read it already, check out my post on here on everything you've ever cared to know about coffee enemas, including the how, the why, the equipment, and the sitch for the best possible experience. Coffee enemas are an amazing liver detoxifier, helping to support the body's natural production of glutathione, as well as move out toxic sludgy bile. If you're like me and you imbibe more than normal during the holiday, your liver most definitely could use some extra love, and a coffee enema is a wonderful way to bring on extra (and certainly much needed) liver support!


Dandelion tea/Dandelion greens

Dandelion is amazingly detoxifying for the liver. If you can stomach the greens, try them in my Sexy Greens Recipe for an extra dose of liver love at dinner time. Don't forget to include dandelion tea as well! I think the roasted version tastes the best, but you can certainly do regular dandelion tea if that's your jam. I like to make mine from loose dandelion root from Mountain Rose Herbs. 1-2 TBS in your French press and wa-la -- you've got a homemade, liver-loving tonic!


Liver loving supplements

I'm all about incorporating high quality supplements and herbs alongside my other healthy habits. I mean, herbs only do so much when you're not eliminating the offending factors like booze and trans fats, etc. Some of my favorite supplements and herbs for liver support are Livton Complex, which contains artichoke, dandelion root, milk thistle, bupleurum root, and fringe tree stem bark. This herb supports healthy liver and gallbladder function and supports the organs of elimination. I love Livco for it's schisandra fruit, rosemary leaf, and milk thistle (all liver supportive herbs), and my other favorite is ChelaCo (which contains hawthorn, milk thistle, and garlic). If you would like to purchase these herbs, click here to sign up for a Standard Process patient account. My practitioner code is TNQQH9 .


Liver Life

I love this tincture so much because it's got all kinds of fabulous liver support. It's a wonderful liver tonic that naturally strengthens the liver’s structure and function, improves the body’s ability to filter toxins, drains acidic waste and decreases ammonia. It helps to open up the detox pathways in the liver and supports kidney function. Also it has a very mild taste, so that's always pleasant! I take this every day for a week after a fun holiday.


Castor Oil Packs

Nothing kicks my liver back into tip top shape like a castor oil pack! Castor oil has a central role in my health and wellness practices. In fact, I do them almost every day of my life. Castor oil reduces inflammation and pain, stimulates dopamine production, increases glutathione production in the body (see! There's that amazing antioxidant glutathione again!), stimulates the smooth muscles of the body (hello, happy poops!), and helps balance the gut microbiome. My all time favorite castor oil is The Queen Of The Thrones because it is 100% cold pressed, hexane free, and in a glass bottle. It is the purest castor oil on the planet, and Dr. Marisol, the creator of this incredible product, has devoted her life to bringing the world the healthiest, purest, most efficacious castor oil available. 


Raw Carrot Salad

Raw carrots are a wonderful way to support the liver and digestion as a whole. When our livers are taxed (whether in general or after a holiday weekend of too many Trulys), we have an accumulation of estrogen, and those effects of accumulated estrogen can worsen symptoms of estrogen dominance like bad PMS, breast pain, not enough progesterone, painful periods, moodiness, irritability, bloating, etc. Raw carrots act as a sweeping brush by binding to the excess estrogen and carrying out of the body. Plus they come with a buttload of micronutrients including beta carotene, biotin, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium. Also they contain fiber, which we love, duh! Toss together shredded carrot, coconut oil, a splash of ACV, and a pinch of pink salt and enjoy daily!


Beet Juice

Beets are an amazing tonic for the liver because they act as blood cleansers. The betalains present in beets stimulate the production of glutathione (there he is again!! Go Glutathione!!), which then detoxifies, stimulates liver cell function, and protects our mitochondria. Beets also help the lymphatic system function more optimally, and they contain pectin as well as fiber! Read my post here about all of the other amazing benefits of beets! Make a juice of beets, ginger, parsley, green apple, and lemon and watch your liver thank you for loving on it extra today.


I hope you try these tips next time you need a little liver reset after too much holiday fun!


Tell me below which one was your favorite!


Happy Liver- Resetting!


Yours In Abundant Health,




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